Monday, January 12, 2009

Buat Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian in English

On January 5th, 2009, I tried to make Police Record (Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian/SKCK)in English to fulfill the requirements to get residence permit in Germany.

First, after got notion letter from the author of my neighborhood to get re (RT and RW) I went to the office of village authority (kelurahan) to get recommendation to be brought to district authority (kecamatan). They asked me the purpose of making the SKCK and 1 copy of my ID card/KTP. the staff was confuse, since many pepole make this SKCK usually to fulfill the requirement for job application, so just confirm them that you need it for resident permit. After waiting for about 15 minutes, I need to give them administration fee , so bcoz it was not compulsory, I only gave them Rp XXXX..hehehe..:D, (maaf Pak ya, soalnya lagi ga punya uang, and takutnya di tempat yang lain bakalan diminta lebih banyak lagi)

Next, I went to District autority office. They didnt ask anything. I only need the letter that I brought from my village authority office to be signed by Pak Camat. It took around 10 minutes. Again, they ask about money for administration, when I asked how much, it's up to me. so I just gave them Rp XXXXX (mudah2an ga kapok tuh orang kecamatan, lagian mereka kan udah digaji, harusnya dih ga perlu kayak gini2an lagi..hmmm!!).

Next step, I went to Polsekta Bogor Barat, one thing should be remember, actually u can pass this step and go directly to Polres. Here, They just asked about the purpose, they said, they just added the recommendation on the letter from Kecamatan to make SKCK at Polres. I was waiting for about 10 minutes, and the good thing was: NO NEED ADMINISTRATION FEE!!

Since the Polwil of Bogor is closer to Polsekta Bogor Barat, so that I tried to go to Polwil with a hope no need to go to Polres. Unfortunately, after they knew my purpose to make this SKCK, they told me to go to Polres Bogor which is a bit far from there..:(.

At Polres Bogor, I found many people were queuing. I thought when will I got the SKCK? hmm... After waiting for the man at SKCK locket about 10 minutes, I came to the locket and they gave me a form to be filled in. The form was about personal data and description about our figures and also fingerprint check. after completing the form, I returned it and they asked me to give them 3 photographs of 4x6 size, copy of birth certificate, passport (first page and last page), ID card/KTP, family card/Kartu keluarga (KK). Since I didn't bring my passport and only had first page of passport, so, they asked me to come back later, but no time...since already 12.30, and they will close at 2 pm and the Polres Bogor is far from my house. And they also told me that i might need to come to Polda Bandung(Province Central Police in Bandung, Bandung is the capital of West Java, where Bogor is located) to get recommendation from them before get the SKCK in English from Mabes Polri (Indonesian Central Police, in Jakarta). They said it's near, only 2 hrs by private car..hmmm.. I said I dont have car, then the SKCK office seemed thinking..
On the following day, I brought all the requirements, including the 4 photographs of 4x6cm size (additional) and got the recommendation from them with administration fee!! haha... funny thing happened, since I didn't bring much money, so I asked the officer to give a changed half of Rp XXXXX, I said, I don't have much money to go to Jakarta...hehe.. and it was true.

Finally I arrived at Mabes Polri around 11 am. I had to fill in the guestbook in front of 2 men and 1 woman officers. The woman officer was not nice, since I didnt know who's the man will I have to meet, the woman a bit angry when I asked her who's the man that I could meet to make SKCK. Fortunately, the 2 men were nice, and they told me who the I should meet to make SKCK. It was at YANMIN field (Bagian YANMIN..lupa singkatanya apa...;)). and I met a man at YANMIN and asked me the country will I visit, and he said that I could get the SKCK at 1 pm. At 1.30 pm I got the SKCK in English without administration fee, since they put some posters at YANMIN that regarding to SK Gubernur no... (Governour's regulation number..)It's free to get SKCK. Finally I got it!!

Thanks Alloh, it's not so difficult and no need so much money (less then Rp 50000 for all steps)to get it compare to other person that one said she needed around Rp 300000 till she got it, and need to wait one day after submitting the requirement at MABES Polri, and she lived in Bandung..hmmm

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    Thank you so much!